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Creations Nani

Hello Chicuelas y Chicuelos, most of you know me as Nani but in reality my name is Anais Navarro. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and just in case you didn't know, I love Crafting. I'm left handed and I'm a Cancer. Many times people have asked me why I present myself as Nani and to be honest that was the nickname that my family gave me, since it was short and sweet it sticked to me.

I currently live in Texas with my lovely family. My husband is definitely mi right hand, without him none of this would've been possible (he programmed and designed the site lol). I have two "bendiciones" that drive me crazy but they keep me running and going for more. Many of you know them: my Princess Anabelle and my Prince Diego.

I've been a member of Team Silhouette since 2015. It was like love at first sight. Since I got my first machine I haven't stop making projects, always trying to innovate, to learn and to always strive for the best. As positive note on this crazy 2020 we are living in, I've recently launched a new line of wood and acrylic products.

I want to welcome you to my community and would take this opportunity to thank you for reaching me, for your support and for all the good vibes. Mi promise to you? If you trust me one of your celebrations, I promise to take it to the next level. Let's learn together on this wonderful world of crafting that everyday presents us with opportunities to be better.